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POSTED August 30th, 2018

Freedom is knowing your loved ones are safe

If you are a parent, you probably don’t need a study to tell you that most parents lose sleep over their kids. Still, a lot of research has been done in this area – telling us that this happens all the time. The reasons for this are beautiful ones: people care for each other, they love their kids and they therefore wish to be assured of their safety at all times. We have good news: GoLiveClip can turn this wish into a reality.

It’s an age-old dilemma: the more you love someone, the more concerned about their safety you become. Parents sometimes describe the experience of having a child as ‘suddenly having a part of yourself walking around on the earth, separate from your body and – what’s worse – with a will of its own!’ Put like that, becoming a parent sounds pretty frightening. Thankfully, experience shows that this does not have to be.

Love is about protection, but it is also about letting go. This is a lesson every parent needs to learn at some point – and it has never been an easy one. However, recent developments in modern technology have provided us with ways to make this transition at least a little easier. Most children today carry cell phones, to enable their parents to reach them if necessary. Still, having your dad check on you every other half hour to make sure you are safe probably feels like a bit much – and does little in the way of fostering a healthy parent-child relationship.

The trick for parents, therefore, is to find a way to mitigate their concerns when necessary, without smothering the object of their love – which is exactly what our GoLiveClip offers. GoLiveClip gives you updates on your child’s location and well-being, while he or she enjoys the delights of discovering the world on their own. Receive automated notifications when your child reaches certain preset places and lean back, in the knowledge that, in the case of a falling incident, GoLiveClip will immediately and automatically send out a request for help – including your child’s specific location. GoLiveclip thus gives you the opportunity to let your children grow up in freedom, whilst you can put your mind at ease at all times!

Alarm button, activity wearable and GPS tracker in one, this incredibly versatile clip can be used to promote more than just one objective: give it to your daughter for the duration of her first train journey alone, and use it to track your own activity level the day after! Take it with you on your family cycling vacation, then temporarily give it to your mother when she is recovering from surgery and needs a little bit of extra attention – the possibilities are sheer endless. The main thing, however, is always the same: to feel safe, at peace and as healthy as you can be!

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