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POSTED January 21st, 2019

2018: how our work has affected lives

Recognition for our work can take many forms: it can take the shape of an award, of press coverage by a big newspaper, or of exciting new international collaborations. Still, the most fulfilling one to us has always been the same: it is hearing how our work has affected real lives. 2018 has been a greatly fulfilling year for us, which is is why we would like to take a moment to reflect on everything that has happened.

The year started well: in May we were awarded the Silver Economy award in Brussels, the jury of which recognized us as the most innovative solution in the Silver Economy market. The jury further asserted that they think our GoLiveclip is a solution capable of creating a game-changing shift in the Silver Economy market. Our thought exactly!

Another exciting highlight was the launch of our GoLiveActive programme, which we developed to provide our users with the tools they need in order to be balanced, strong, healthy and in shape. It is with great pleasure that we have been listening to stories from users – of all ages and walks of life – with an increased risk of falling, who over the course of the last year have used the GoLiveActive programme to significantly reduce their fall risk.

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes us love our jobs: knowing that the solutions we have developed have prevented falling incidents from happening, in a very real sense. Fall incidents threaten safety and independence: knowing that our solutions have decreased people’s risk of such an incident is therefore more important to us than any award will ever be.

Another piece of news that made us very happy was the fact that several gyms now use our GoLiveActive programme! We sincerely hope that more organizations and individual people will start using the GoLiveActive programme to decrease their risk of falling and stay healthy, fit and balanced. It may sound dramatic, but the programme really can change lives: either through small, incremental improvements in a user’s quality of living, or by preventing the occurrence of a falling incident: often a one-way ticket to a life of dependence and discomfort. The GoLiveActive programme is still available for free on our website.

In addition, we have been receiving a lot of reactions from people whom the GoLiveClip enabled to finally pick up their active outdoor lives again after rehabilitating from an injury. We have heard stories of people who finally felt safe enough to go outside again! In the meantime, we have been working hard on further developing our solutions, making use of the latest technology in the field. Our hope for 2019 therefore is that we can continue making people feel safe, healthy, connected and energized! For now, we would like to thank our users and their loved ones for the wonderful feedback they have given us, and to encourage anyone who has been using our solutions to share their own, personal story of change – big, or small.

Happy new year.