GoLiveHealth app

Stay fit, wherever you are!

The GoLiveClip and its accessory apps don’t just keep you safe: they’re also designed to keep you fit and healthy. The GoLiveHealth app contains personalised physical exercises – for which no additional props are required. Improve your balance, strength, agility and coordination, using videos and written instruction. Whenever and wherever you want!

Personalised exercises

The GoLiveHealth exercises have been divided into four subcategories:

Power | Balance | Mobility | Agility

The GoLiveHealth app contains a large variety of exercise sequences – all accompanied by clearly written, spoken and visual instructions. And our program doesn’t just tell you how you’re doing: it also tells you how to do it better! It provides you with extensive feedback and keeps close track of the progress you’ve made. Best of all you can access it anywhere: on your smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop.

Scientifically validated

All exercises in the GoLiveHealth app have been designed around scientific studies researching how to best prevent falling incidents. Improved balance, strength and agility are important for everyone, which makes the GoLiveHealth exercises useful, fun and challenging for all ages. You just set the difficulty level that matches your age and ability – and get to work! !

You can activate the GoLiveHealth app in the GoLivePhone app environment, or download it for free in the Google Play or App Store.