Goliveclip Global

About us

To us, freedom is more than the ability to do what we want: freedom is a feeling. Using modern technology, we develop solutions that facilitate this feeling.

We believe in practical, daily support. That is why we have designed GoLiveClip.
This clip and its accessory applications enable users to take charge of their own health, safety and freedom.

In addition, our technology facilitates the support of people by people – because freedom is inseparable from community, friendship and family.

Our solutions are accessible to everyone: without exceptions. Gociety Solutions’ objective is to develop products that anyone can understand – and use. We want to provide each and every person with the opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle & peaceful mind.

Worldwide partners

We develop scientifically validated, innovative technology – and user-friendly, modern applications. We collaborate with international partners that attend to our marketing, sales and after sales in their own countries.

Are you an e-health specialist in your region, and would you like to help implement our solutions? Please let us know.