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POSTED September 22nd, 2016

Gociety Solutions and Roessingh Research and Development are combining forces!

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Gociety Solutions and Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) are combining forces! Together, we are introducing an interactive health app with a focus on fall prevention for older adults. The RRD – a knowledge institute – validates new health services, such as the e-coach with personalized video exercises for older adults. Gociety’s GoLivePhone app allows large groups of end users to make use of this e-coach anytime, anywhere! RRD and Gociety Solutions: a perfect match.

Using RRD’s e-coach, users can work on their personal, physical health, in a personalized self-management program. Gociety’s fall-risk and fall-detection apps provide users with an active role in maintaining their health, safety and well being. Miriam Luizink, director of RRD: “We strive towards maximum accessibility of our services. This collaboration is a good example.”

The strategic collaboration with RRD in turn allows Gociety Solutions to shape their GoLiveFallPrevention program in the following unique way:

  • the program is non-invasive, fully automatic and validated
  • it measures the risk of falling, using a standard smartphone on which the GoLivePhone app is installed
  • as soon as the fall-risk increases, the user will be provided with personalized and validated exercises that they can do without any help, in their own environment, and that will help decrease the fall-risk again
  • in the case of a fall, the system will detect this immediately, and it will automatically inform the (informal) care giver of the event.

Frank Verbeek, CEO of Gociety, is thrilled about the new possibilities. “Detecting a fall is one thing, but being able to prevént it – that is a major step.”