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POSTED May 8th, 2018

GoLiveClip wins Silver Economy Award!

It is with great pride and joy, that we announce that our GoLiveClip has been awarded the Silver Economy Award in Brussels this week.

GoLiveClip has thus been recognized as the most innovative solution capable of supporting and creating a game-changing shift in the Silver Economy market, and of improving the life of older adults.

GoLiveClip has been developed in collaboration with R&D institute Fraunhofer and other leading partners. It’s an easy-to-use, powerful sensor that combines activity monitoring, an alarm button, a fall risk analyser and a fall detector. The clip has been designed to assist users of all ages and levels of digital dexterity in leading healthy, active lifestyles, whilst leaving personal independence and freedom intact.

The Silver Economy Award ceremony, an initiative of the European Union powered SEED project, is aimed at promoting the Silver Economy paradigm: the conviction that the ageing of the population is not a challenge, but a great opportunity for new technology and innovations.