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POSTED September 10th, 2018

WHO research: more than quarter of people worldwide do not exercise enough

More than a quarter of all people in the world do not exercise enough, recent research by the World Health Organization has found. The report, published this week, stated that ‘physical inactivity is a global pandemic, contributing to substantial disease and economic burden worldwide.’ However, while physical inactivity does indeed lead to a variety of negative effects, we would like to add that exercise is not just about preventing the negative – it’s just as much about drawing out the positive!

Exercising is most commonly regarded as a way to control weight, and it is indeed the most effective way to do so. This is far from everything regular exercise has to offer, though. Exercise improves your mood, promotes better sleep, boosts energy, it enhances your libido, and it can simply be a lot of fun!

Our validated GoLiveActive exercise programme was designed to help you enjoy all these beneficial results, without spending all your money on expensive gym memberships – or all your time on getting to specific locations. GoLiveActive is free, and you can just run it on your smartphone. The programme is designed so that you can do the exercises whenever you want, and wherever you want. From your bedroom to your office to a patch of grass next to the station while you are waiting for the next train.

This takes away most of the reasons people state for their physical inactivity: a lack of time, funds, or motivation to get up early and go to the gym. Using GoLiveActive in combination with GoLiveclip, furthermore, allows you to monitor your progress and overall health in ways that would be impossible even if you had a personal trainer.  

It really does not have to be difficult to make physical activity an embedded part of your lifestyle: modern technology makes it easy for you, and we make it even easier. All our solutions – including our GoLiveActive exercise programme and our GoLiveClip health & safety monitor – are designed in such a way that they can be used by people of all ages, and with all degrees of technological dexterity. We believe in positive health care, of which exercise is a fundamental part, and we do not wish to exclude anyone from the wonderful benefits of taking control of your body. Join the positive health movement at GoLiveClip.eu.